Mantracking med Kyt Lyn Walken


Date: 23-25 sep 2023

This class will be taught in English
Name: MANTRACKING - Introductive Class to detect, read and follow human tracks in any terrain
Instructor: Kyt Lyn Walken, Official Representative and Instructor for Hull's Tracking School (U.S.), Certified Antipoaching Ranger for Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide Inc. (U.S.), Directora de Rastreo Humano for Centro de Formaccion Carcayu (Spain), External Instructor for Veteranen Search Team (The Netherlands).
Contributor writer for several magazines and websites like American Survival Guide, RECOIL Offgrid, Skillset, The Bushcraft Journal.
She runs classes all over Europe for S.A.R. Members, Army Officers, Forensic and Law Enforcement Officers and Outdoor Enthusiasts.
Description: The 3 days course is intended to introduce Students of all ages and backgrounds into the fascinating, ancient - but still actual art of MANTRACKING. By leading the partecipants inside a re-discover of this Art, several goals will be achieved:
  • Becoming "Human Tracks" aware by learning - and gaining - the fundamentals to locate, identify, read and follow human tracks
  • Following a trackline on different terrains
  • Combining Tracking Skills with Bushcraft and Survival Skills, learning to follow tracklines like a Frontier Scout
  • Aging Human Tracks and Tire Tread Evidence
  • Applying The Art of Tracking for locating missing subjects or to backtrack ourselves
Required gear:

Proper Outdoor clothing; Flashlight; Baseball cap; Notebook; Pen; Pencil; Personal backpack; Personal meds


Hull's Tracking School Certification "NOVICE TRACKER" after passing successfully the Course.


Hull's Tracking School Attendance Certification in collaboration with Bushcraft Danmark.

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