Pathfinder Intermediate survival


Pathfinder/Bushcraft Danmark Intermediate Survival Class

This class with be taught by Pathfinder lead instructor Dave Canterbury, Joe Price and Jesper Hede and is the only of it´s kind in Europe 2020

4 Day, 3 Night Course, 

The Intermediate course is designed to prepare students for the Advanced class. We will be focusing on relying less on modern conveniences by implementing primitive survival techniques and practices that will better prepare them for longer term wilderness living. Students in this class will experience sleep, food and water deprivation and will be expected to Trek distances up to 10K and make fire by friction off the landscape to pass this course.



  • Principle of Shelter Craft
  • Roving Camps vs Base Camp mentality
  • Friction and Percussion Fire
  • Water Collection and Disinfection
  • Navigation by Terrain and Celestial Bodies
  • Map Reading and Self Mapping
  • Resource Management
  • Crafting usable objects for a Camp Setting
  • Primitive Hunting Implements and Trapping
  • Foraging and Medicinal Trees
  • Preserving Meat sources
  • Hikes of 5+ miles (with your gear) at a time to collect sticks and other materials off the landscape
  • Navigation over uneven and potentially very muddy terrain while carrying your gear
  • As part of the final exercise (night 3) you will be required to sleep in a bush camp shelter that you will construct. You will have limited gear for comfort- no exceptions are made, if you cannot make fire, you simply will not have it.


Required Equipment List


Date : April 17-20 2020

Place : Denmark

Price : 3000 DKK ( $ 450 )



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