BorealCraft Outdoor Adventure class

This class can be taught in danish, swedish and english.

The course will be conducted thru ”experience-based” learning with short moments of a
more mediated nature in an environment with unique variations & experienced instructors.
– It will be a 72h exercise with very high focus upon improving navigation skills!
– The intention is to elucidate both physical and mental reactions that affect individual as
well as team peformance. The importance of nutrients and fluid intake and their impact
on physical & mental performance will also be hilighted.
The education is aimed to better understand the importance of
team spirit vs being alone, through self-awareness. Outdoor and
survival techniques will be central as “tools” to provide increased
insight in concepts such as practical touch, self-knowledge and
ability to understand, adapt & be creative.
Course philosofy & main target is based upon The Nordic Way in finding:
– Key essential life changing needs: Oxygene – Blood – Fluid – Food
– Key essential skills: First Aid – Fire & The Cutting Edge – Navigation
In close relation with nature we’ll stimulate the ability to seek
opportunities rather than seeing problems in solving tasks in
everyday life aswell as prevention from getting in to more severe
emergency situations. How to increase the ability to distinguish
essentials from secondary matters will have a main focus.
Acceptance & tolerance of the individual’s various strengths and
weaknesses are also important objectives in our course.

CO & Instructor: Johan Skullman, JOS eXperience
Instructor: Jesper Hede, Bushcraft Denmark
Instructor: Jens Nybro, Bushcraft Denmark
Instructor Jr: Jakob Skullman, JOS eXperience

No special preknowledge are required
Max Students: 10 (Min: 6)
Location: Flasbjörke Södergård, Östergötland, Sweden
Time: 13-15th May, 2022

465 €/participant, all inclusive (lodging, food,
beverages & course equipment.
Additional stay, pre or after: 50 €/night

To register and for payment, please contact Johan Skullman ( josoutdoor@gmail.com )

More detailed information about course specs and payment will be send out ASAP after
last registration date!
By own car or by pickup at train station (Norrköping)

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